Finding the energy to power us through the day

Are you constantly struggling to stay awake at work or while engaging in social events throughout the day? When energy levels drop, it becomes very challenging to stay focused and complete the tasks at hand. When fatigue and drowsiness overtake us, it’s our body speaking to us that we need to rest. What happens when your body is asking for rest in the middle of the day, during a meeting or when you have to make a presentation? Our body’s indicator is still accurate and correct; however, actions must be taken in order to provide the body the rest it needs while seeking more energy through healthy lifestyle adjustments.

When you are barely keeping your eyes open and bobbing your head in-and-out of trying to stay awake, it is time to get some rest. Spiking our bodies with caffeine only pushes the body to work in overdrive and over time can lead to significant health concerns. While operating on a low tank of energy, we are not only carrying out our daily activities inefficiently, but actually putting ourselves in danger depending on the activity, whether we operate a vehicle, are overseeing others or engaged in tasks that require our full attention. You need to set up healthy scheduling routines to give your body the quality and quantity of rest it needs so that it can perform productively throughout the day. Sticking to a routine enables the body to easily adapt and learn when it’s required to stay awake and when it can shut down.

In addition to getting the proper amount of rest, diet also has the ability to either drain or replenish the body with new energy. Many of us with busy schedules are often scrambling last minute and skip out on having a solid balanced breakfast to start off our day. Starting your day without any nourishment presents the body with no fuel to power itself throughout the day. Snacking throughout the day is also encouraged as this prevents the blood sugar levels from running too low. Foods or supplements rich in magnesium, folic acid, and protein can all help provide the energy the body needs to function well. Meal portions should also be monitored, as you do now want to overload the body’s energy consumption on digesting large meals. We have all felt that sensation after a hearty thanksgiving meal or an all-you-can-eat buffet where all you want to do is lie down and fall into deep sleep.

Incorporating routine exercise can also help the body fully activate and counter fatigue. As always, overall well-being requires us to to a holistic approach to our body and lifestyle and together provides the best opportunities to operate at sufficient energy levels. Through rest, diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, use the energy you acquire to not only take care of your own requirements but help spread the positive energy to those around you as well.